Simon Akam is a British writer. Born in Cambridge, England, he held a Gap Year Commission in the British Army before reading English Literature at Oxford University. He later won a Fulbright scholarship to study at Columbia Journalism School.  

After graduation from Columbia Simon worked at The New York Times in New York and subsequently spent several years in West Africa as a freelance correspondent for Reuters and the Economist. He reported from Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea, Mali, Senegal, Cote D'Ivoire, Uganda and the Gambia. In 2010 he won the professional strand of the Guardian's International Development Journalism Competition. After a spell in London as a contract writer for the European edition of Newsweek, Simon then began writing The Changing of the Guard, his book on the post-9/11 evolution of the British Army. 

Alongside his book work Simon contributes magazine journalism for a broad range of British and American publications. His work has appeared in publications including The New York Times, the Guardian, GQ, Outside, Bloomberg Businessweek and the Economist. He also co-hosts the writing podcast Always Take Notes with Rachel Lloyd. 

Photograph taken by Dudley Reed while a fellow at on the Logan Nonfiction Programme at the Carey Institute for Global Good in upstate New York.